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  Forum Index - News - Google under fire from the record companies?
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Post Subject: Google under fire from the record companies?
Posted on: Dec 17, 2010

well i don't think anyone who follows the news related to the recording industry will find this even a little shocking. In a consistent trend, the record companies are attacking the paths to illegal music instead of the actual sources.

BPI, the UKs equivalent to the RIAA has claimed that "Search engines are as popular as P2P applications as a source of illegal downloads". Now what's funny about this is, when came under so much fire, this was actually their defense, that they simply index the sources, but don't supply or encourage it, and they shouldn't be held responsible for it. As we all know, google works in exactly the same way, the index the internet..

A while back was sued for their copyright infringements, and ordered to pay some pretty significant sums of money... But google isn't associated with piracy, so i feel that if they decline to start censoring their searches (because where would it end? I suppose next they'd be accused of aiding terrorists because they link to all those "extremist" sites.. or atleast ones covering Julian Assange).. If they stand against them and go to court, the case should be extremely similar, but instead of being just a few people who were able to launch a very powerful site, they'll be a global corporation. I'm really interested in seeing what comes of this...


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